Cracking the Code of Life at Light Speed

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Mike Hunkapiller helped invent the DNA-sequencing machines that read the human genome. Now his company’s tools are decoding everything from insects to cancer cells. The biological code of mankind—three billion pairs of chemical “bases,” twisted clockwise into DNA’s iconic double-helix—was declared fully transcribed, at long last, 15 years ago. On April 14, 2003, the leaders of the Human Genome Project,

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For kidney disease patients, treatment education and choice are key to better outcomes

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To me, modern healthcare should be about improving patient outcomes and offering patients as much choice as possible. All of us are patients at certain times in our lives. Shouldn’t we have greater input into how and where we are treated? When it comes to kidney disease, not all patients have time to consider their options and prepare for treatment.

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Do “free” healthcare mobile apps really come without a cost?

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Many websites, mobile applications, software solutions and similar solutions are offered for “free.” The services are free from the perspective that there is no cost to acquire or use the service. However, as the famous saying used commonly by the author Robert Heinlein goes “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” (TANSTAAFL). While a user may believe there

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UB researchers build 3D-printed, drug-filled dentures to fight against infections

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Nearly two-thirds of the U.S. denture-wearing population suffer frequent fungal infections that cause inflammation, redness and swelling in the mouth. To better treat these infections, called denture-related stomatitis, University at Buffalo researchers have turned to 3-D printers, using the machines to build dentures filled with microscopic capsules that periodically release Amphotericin B, an antifungal medication. A study describing the work,

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IBA installs cyclotron at first proton therapy center in Belgium

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Louvain-la-Neuve, 25 April, 2018 – IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer, and UZ Leuven, today announce the installation of the first proton therapy units at the University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven). This is the first phase of installation of the IBA Proteus®ONE system, the most advanced proton therapy technology.

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Mysterious new form of DNA.

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Mysterious new form of DNA seen inside human cells for the first time looks like a ‘twisted knot’ instead of a double helix Discovery of the ‘i-motif’ form of DNA was made by researchers in Sydney   It is unclear what the function is but it could be for ‘reading’ DNA sequences Although researchers have seen the i-motif before, it has

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Bambino Gesù: Miniaturized Heart Pump Saves 3-Year-Old Girl’s Life

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The miniaturized ventricular assist device (VAD) was developed with funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and is ready for clinical trials. This is only the second surgery of this kind in the world, both times in the same Vatican-owned hospital. A team of cardiac surgeons at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, in Vatican City, saved the life of a 3-year old

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Speranță pentru vârstincii care nu mai pot fi operați

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La Centrele Ares, un pacient de 80 de ani a fost salvat printr-o intervenție maraton în care i-au fost montate trei dispozitive cardiace Mitraclip. Vârsta înaintată nu trebuie să însemne renunțarea la speranță, iar pacienții cu afecțiuni cardiovasculare grave, care au trecut de 80 de ani, pot avea în continuare o calitate a vieții bună, chiar și atunci când nu

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A new era in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

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EchoStation Radiation free bone densitometry for the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Breakthrough echographic approach for bone characterization and micro-architecture assessment enables the scanning of the axial reference sites: Lumbar Vertebrae and Proximal Femur. The next generation device. EchoStation is based on the proprietary method R.E.M.S. (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry), an innovative approach for bone micro-architecture characterization through the exploitation of radiofrequency signals acquired

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