A new era in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

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Radiation free bone densitometry for the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis.

Breakthrough echographic approach for bone characterization and micro-architecture assessment enables the scanning of the axial reference sites: Lumbar Vertebrae and Proximal Femur.

The next generation device.

EchoStation is based on the proprietary method R.E.M.S. (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry), an innovative approach for bone micro-architecture characterization through the exploitation of radiofrequency signals acquired during an echographic scan at lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck.

A quick software assisted scan, which lasts 60″ for the spine and 40″ for the femur, provides simultaneous acquisition of images and corresponding Radiofrequency signals.

The algorithm automatically identifies the volumes of the target bone and discards wrong acquisitions and artefacts, providing an instant medical report.

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Fully Automatic

The technology is full automatic to reduce the dependence on operator experience.

The implemented algorithm automatically identifies the target bone volumes within the sequence of echographic images acquired, discards ‘‘noisy’’ acquisitions and artefacts, ensuring that diagnostic evaluations are performed only on US datasets reaching a specifically determined quality threshold.

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Instant Medical Report

The technology provides two numerical parameters: Osteoporosis Score O.S., which directly correlates with BMD measurements (in g/cm²) and Fragility Score F.S. (*to be released soon), which provides an independent estimate of bone fragility and fracture risk.

The medical report contains all the common parameters for Osteoporosis diagnosis: BMD (g/cm²), T-Score, Z-Score and Body Composition Index.

In addition, Fragility Score (*to be released soon) evaluates the quality of internal bone micro-architecture and the 10-year risks of osteoporotic fractures (generic/hip) are calculated through the integrated FRAX® software.

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