Let a robot tend your fixation device after leg surgery

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Unique Israeli external orthopedic fixation system allows for objective measurement, ease of use and peace of mind for orthopedic patients. After performing complex surgery to correct a leg-bone deformity in a 15-year-old from Jerusalem, pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Eitan Segev explained to the patient and his parents that they now faced a critical responsibility. The boy’s leg would be stabilized

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Joint Replacement: 5 Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

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Recover faster at home with a new knee or hip Total hip and knee replacements have come a long way. Afterwards, people no longer lay in a hospital bed for three weeks; instead they generally begin walking at home within a day of the procedure. Of course, recovery still takes time. But it may surprise you to see how quickly

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First 3D printed human corneas

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The first human corneas have been 3D printed by scientists at Newcastle University. It means the technique could be used in the future to ensure an unlimited supply of corneas. As the outermost layer of the human eye, the cornea has an important role in focusing vision. Yet there is a significant shortage of corneas available to transplant, with 10 million

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Justice Department approves Bayer-Monsanto merger in landmark settlement

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Federal antitrust regulators have granted agribusiness giants Bayer and Monsanto permission to merge after the two companies agreed to spin off $9 billion worth of assets, the largest such sale of corporate assets ever required by the Justice Department. Under the proposed settlement filed Tuesday, Bayer will sell its seed and herbicide businesses to a third party, the German chemical company

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„I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” ~ Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale is known as a pioneer in nursing. Nightingale saw opportunities to improve the care of patients in the face of challenges that still plague our health care environments today. Some challenges include noise, risks of infection, comfort, and nutrition. Her writings in

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Healthcare will become digitised by 2030 to keep services alive, experts predict

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Automation, robotics and self-diagnosis will soon play a vital role in caring for ageing populations and creating better experiences for both patients and health workers, but security risks could rise, according to Aruba report published today. Within ten years your medical check-up could involve more interaction with sensors, cameras and robotic scanning devices than human doctors and nurses, as healthcare

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Researchers devise more effective location awareness for the Internet-of-(many)-Things

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The vast number of devices connected on 5G networks can help locate themselves, rather than rely on centralized “anchors” Anticipating a critical strain on the ability of fifth generation (5G) networks to keep track of a rapidly growing number of mobile devices, engineers at Tufts University have come up with an improved algorithm for localizing and tracking these products that

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Smiths plots £6bn American merger

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Smiths Group has opened talks with US companies over a potential £6bn deal to merge its healthcare operations. The engineering giant is said to have held early-stage discussions about combining its healthcare arm with a string of companies, including California’s ICU Medical. The move has been spearheaded by chief executive Andy Reynolds Smith and has been spurred by speculation that it

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Getting the price right: Hospitals target variation in joint replacement

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When HonorHealth leaders were looking for ways last year to decrease spending, the joint-replacement service line stuck out as a big opportunity. The procedures are one of the Scotts-dale, Ariz.-based system’s most popular—and lucrative—service lines and make up a significant percentage of supply chain costs, which account for nearly 40% of its $1.7 billion in revenue, according to 2016 financial data from

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Researchers Create Portable Bioprinter for Deep Skin Wound Repair

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While portable 3D printers do exist, the majority of them are not handheld, and generally use readily available materials, like PLA. But an innovative team of researchers from the University of Toronto have created a 3D printer that’s not only handheld, but it also prints skin tissue. The portable 3D bioprinter, a bit reminiscent of the BioPen for cartilage drawing, deposits even layers of skin to cover and repair

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