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There are several surgical solutions growing which engage 3D technologies. It provides to orthopedic surgeons access to a bunch of software and services to assist them when they plan their surgeries outcomes.

Here, we list 5 (of many) key considerations that orthopedic surgeons should consider when evaluating the options available to them:

1. Digital Templating

Templating is a crucial first stage in the digital planning workflow for orthopedic surgeons. The replacement of a traditional acetate for something more intuitive and friendly can be a painful process, but not with the PeekMed’s solution – a software which has the power, for example, to enable the identification of the most appropriate implant size. Yes, you will minimize surgery risks. Find everything here.

2. 2D/3D Hybrid Planning

For joint surgeries, 2D and 3D environments combination can be perfect. It is really difficult to have full access to these areas and often you need to unclog the vision with fragments that are blocking the lesion. A appropriated digital 3D reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy can be created from a CT or MRI scan. PeekMed’s software is able to adapt to different environments, with it you will be able to analyze your patient’s anatomy in different angles and this way you will guarantee its best surgery approach from accurate measurements to implant placement simulation. Find out more here.

3. Check your surgery plans everywhere

Have you ever checked the first mobile app for orthopedic surgery? . You will be able to visualize and anticipate every planning on your iPad®. Having a mobile application that can go along with your daily workflow might bring the last piece of the puzzle in order to communicate the results with your team and patient – effectively. Check it how:

4. Does it integrate with your daily workflow?

In order to choose the best planning solution to incorporate in your workflow, you need to be sure that it will potentially improve your efficiency. Think about that and we are sure that you will find useful the integration of smarter planning choices to your daily practice.


A planning system fully integrated with hospital or clinic PACS allows access to planning tools directly from a button within the PACS. The PeekMed system allows you to search for a patient specific data in a simple way.
You need to configure both connections to the PACS server and the local storage service. Find out how here.

Source: peekmed.com