Drop of Blood Enough for This Device to Diagnose Brain Injury

admin/ iulie 31, 2018/ tehnologii/ 3 comments

Brain injuries, particularly the milder ones, are difficult to accurately diagnose. CT scanners can help, but often they just don’t have the resolution for clinicians to identify unusual aberrations in the image. Moreover, they expose patients to radiation, are not always available, and the process of using them and evaluating the images produced can take quite some time before results

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The Impact of 3D Printing on the Medical Device Industry

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In January of 2017, Dr. Julielynn Wong, founder of 3D4MD, used Made In Space‘s Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) aboard the International Space Station to 3D print a finger splint for the treatment of mallet finger, an injury that commonly afflicts astronauts. It was an historic moment – the first time medical supplies had ever been 3D printed in outer space.

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World-renown surgeons and their residents take part in the first-ever international, shared collaborative orthopaedic surgery in Virtual Reality

admin/ iulie 30, 2018/ tehnologii/ 2 comments

An award-winning software by ORamaVR connects five different cities and four leading medical schools worldwide, transforming virtual surgical training for ever Stanford, CA: Surgical training is being transformed, as ORamaVR has demonstrated the first-ever international VR co-operative surgical training, linking together the Stanford Medical School, the USC Keck School of Medicine, the NYU Langone Medical School and the Aristotle University Medical

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Google is mulling a new market for Nest smart home products: seniors

admin/ iulie 28, 2018/ tehnologii/ 1 comments

Alphabet’s Nest is looking at a big, potential market for its technology: Seniors who want to age independently. It has been in talks with senior living homes, sources say. It’s CTO Yoky Matsuoka is billed to speak at the largest senior housing conference in the fall. Nest, a division of Google that sells home automation products, is exploring new products to help

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The Many Ways Virtual Reality Promises to Improve How We Care for Our Health

admin/ iulie 27, 2018/ tehnologii/ 1 comments

Virtual reality has become a booming business. The technology has already proven its worth in real estate and banking. In healthcare, VR also shows big promise. According to Statista, the virtual reality healthcare market was valued at $976 million in 2017. But what are its use cases? Below are some of the healthcare areas where VR is being widely implemented,

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Clinical Grade Urinalysis at Home with Your Smartphone

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Smartphones have become surprisingly useful in medicine, but they still remain mostly as assistants to the core process of medicine. They make it easy for clinicians to communicate, absorb information, take notes, and do so many other things. They’re still rarely used for diagnostics, but that’s changing too. Healthy.io, a company out of Tel Aviv, Israel, has just won the

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Grupul Monza și Enayati Group investesc într-un nou proiect medical

admin/ iulie 23, 2018/ sănătate/ 4 comments

Grupul Monza si Enayati Group au semnat un parteneriat strategic pentru dezvoltarea Revera Medical City în zona Băneasa din București, unul dintre cele mai mari proiecte medicale private, investiție totală de 50 milioane de euro Va avea în componența sa o unitate premium pentru îngrijire medicală, un centru rezidențial pentru vârstnici și un spital dedicat sferei oncologice și de recuperare,

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Consumerizing the patient experience through personalized care

admin/ iulie 23, 2018/ strategie și management/ 2 comments

Much like retail giants are using customer information to make personalized purchase recommendations, healthcare organizations are increasingly leveraging patient data in ways that can add value to the patient’s experience. The healthcare sector is faced with a phenomenon that it can no longer ignore if it’s to survive and thrive: the consumerization of the industry. The experiences that consumers have

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