Cross-border healthcare: European Commission tackles low awareness of patients’ rights

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The European Commission recently published data from 23 EU countries on their use o the Cross-border Healthcare Directive in 2015.

Find the data by clicking on the image below.

cross-border healthcare

What is the Cross-border Healthcare Directive?

A legal act of the EU which requires Member States to implement measures allowing EU patients to choose where to receive medical treatment across the Union.

More information on the topic is available here.

Patients’ rights

Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis highlighted the importance of this legislation for patients’ rights. He also showed regret for the low awareness among EU citizens of patients’ rights to cross-border healthcare.

Furthermore, the Commissioner underlined the importance of enhanced cooperation with patient organisations, healthcare providers and insurers. He called for further work to improve patient information.


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  1. At last some raaniotlity in our little debate.

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