EMBOTRAP II Clot Retriever Now Saving People from Ischemic Strokes in U.S.

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CERENOVUS, a part of Johnson & Johnson

The catheter-delivered device is able to securely grab onto the clot without squeezing it too hard, allowing the physician to manipulate the thrombus as a whole. This can prevent downstream damage if chunks of the clot come off the main piece.

The device is intended to be used within eight hours of initial stroke symptoms.

Some recent results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of the EMBOTRAP II, according to CERENOVUS:

In the ARISE II (Analysis of Revascularization in Ischemic Stroke with EMBOTRAP device) study published earlier this year in the journal, Stroke, neurointerventional stroke physicians restored blood flow in 80 percent of patients treated within three passes and in about half of patients within a single pass. At the 90-day follow-up, more than two-thirds were functionally independent. The study included 228 patients with large vessel occlusions and moderate to severe neurological deficits.

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