VistaTablet for Monitoring Patients’ Eight Vital Signs from Anywhere

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VitalConnect, a Silicon Valley firm, is releasing its brand new patient-monitoring handheld interface for its VitalPatch vitals monitor. The VistaTablet and and VitalPatch are both part of the company’s Vista Solution, which allows clinicians to keep an eye on their patients ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, and activity levels, all at the same time and regardless of patient location.

Patients can be discharged from the hospital with the VitalPatch already stuck to the skin, and their status will be continuously updated on the VistaTablet in real-time. Just like while on in-hospital monitors, parameters moving outside their normal zones will cause alarms to be raised. Patients can be requested to come back to the clinic, but while at home they can feel safe that their vitals are being checked.

The battery inside the VitalPatch lasts for five days and it can be worn throughout that time without having to recharge or replace.

The technology may help hospitals provide better care while saving on in-hospital costs.