MENTOR CPX4 Smooth Tissue Expander for Easier Implantation Post Mastectomy

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MENTOR, a J&J company, is releasing a new tissue expander for breast reconstruction surgeries that features a smooth surface. The new CPX4 device, used to make space for a breast implant following a mastectomy, was designed to make it easier to implant and remove due to its smooth surface that glides against tissue as it’s pushed in and out. Suture tabs on

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Medtronic Acquiring Mazor Robotics for $1.6 Billion

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Deal accelerates Medtronic’s strategy to transform spinal procedures and improve outcomes. Medtronic plc and Mazor Robotics have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Medtronic will acquire all outstanding ordinary shares of Mazor for $58.50 per share, or $29.25 (104.80 ILS) per ordinary share, in cash, for a total of approximately $1.64 billion, or $1.34 billion net of Medtronic’s

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LithoVue Empower Lets One Person Retrieve Kidney Stones

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Boston Scientific has unveiled a new kidney stone retrieval device that allows the urologist to control the ureteroscope and basket that captures the stone, at the same time. This was previously a two person job, demanding close coordination and healthy communication between the clinicians. The LithoVue Empower Retrieval Deployment Device fits Boston Scientific’s LithoVue Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope and uses compatible retrieval baskets

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NVIDIA Clara Platform to Usher in Next Wave of Medical Instruments

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Clara to dramatically boost capabilities of legacy instruments, setting future of AI medical devices. NVIDIA today unveiled the NVIDIA Clara platform, a combination of hardware and software that brings AI to the next generation of medical instruments as a powerful new tool for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. At the heart of the platform are NVIDIA Clara AGX —

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New Technique Heals Wounds With Reprogrammed Skin Cells

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People with severe burns, bedsores, or chronic diseases such as diabetes are at risk for developing wounds known as cutaneous ulcers, which can extend through multiple layers of the skin. Apart from being extremely painful, these wounds can lead to serious, sometimes deadly, infections or amputations. Typically, these ulcers are treated by surgically transplanting existing skin to cover the wound.

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Along with bigger and pricier iPhones, Apple launches a watch that detects heart problems

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It is positioning the new watch as a more comprehensive health device, able to take an electrocardiogram to detect an irregular heartbeat and start an emergency call automatically if it detects a user falling down. Apple Inc introduced its largest-ever iPhone and a watch that detects heart problems on Wednesday in an attempt to get customers to upgrade to more

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NuVasive Unveils Spine’s First Integrated Surgical Automation Platform

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Pulse platform receives 510(k) clearance addressing spine technology and clinical requirements across all spine procedures. NuVasive Inc., the company focused on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally-integrated solutions, today announced the Pulse surgical automation platform has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pulse is the foundation for Surgical Intelligence, the company’s ecosystem enabling better surgery.

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Versius Robotic Surgical System Unveiled by UK Company

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CMR Surgical, a Cambridge, UK firm, is formally unveiling its Versius surgical robotic system that is designed to be portable, easy to setup, and, perhaps most importantly, affordable for hospitals that otherwise would have budget limitations obtaining existing robotic systems. The Versius is modular in its design, with the moving arms individually mounted on their own carts. This allows the

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Nuubo for Comfortable All Day ECG Arrhythmia Monitoring

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Nuubo, a company based in Madrid, Spain, won FDA clearance for its Nuubo System to be used within the hospital for diagnosing arrhythmias. Unlike multi-day, multi-lead ECG monitoring often found within clinics today, the Nuubo doesn’t rely on a bunch of loose wires running under the clothing to a box on the belt. The Nuubo is worn like a sports

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