Nuubo for Comfortable All Day ECG Arrhythmia Monitoring

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Nuubo, a company based in Madrid, Spain, won FDA clearance for its Nuubo System to be used within the hospital for diagnosing arrhythmias. Unlike multi-day, multi-lead ECG monitoring often found within clinics today,

the Nuubo doesn’t rely on a bunch of loose wires running under the clothing to a box on the belt.

The Nuubo is worn like a sports bra, automatically positioning electrodes tightly but comfortably against the skin in the right locations to enable high quality data gathering. There are no stickies to apply or wires to adjust because of the novel silver-based textile material used for the electrodes.

It is indicated for use for up to 30 consecutive days of recording ECG while the patient can move about around the clinic. Recordings can be dumped off the recording unit onto the hospital computer system for cardiologists to analyze in whatever level of detail they want to.

The system is already available in Europe where it has been used to track over 25,000 patients, but there it also has indication for cardiac rehab and chronic cardiac condition monitoring. In the United States, the product is planned to be available for arrhythmia monitoring later this year.

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