ARIS MD Automatic Tissue Segmentation in Virtual and Augmented Reality: Aris MD at CES 2019

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Medical imaging technologies have come a long way over the decades. They offer greater visual detail, but all that data often makes it difficult to see and understand the anatomy being studied. At CES 2019 we met with ARIS MD, a company that was introducing its 3D visualization technology that can automatically identify different organs, parts of organs, and other anatomical objects from standard DICOM imaging data, such as what comes from a CT scanner.

The company’s software makes it easy to view and analyze volumetric images of automatically segmented things like tumors and other growths, and to understand their relationship to the nearby tissues. This can make it easier for surgeons to excise offending tissues and to do it safer, more accurately, and faster than is currently possible.

We were glad to see ARIS MD at CES, showing off its powerful technology among the mostly consumer gadgets displayed at CES: