BD Unveils Nano Pen Needle for Accurate Subcutaneous Insulin Injections

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BD is releasing its new Nano pen needle designed for achieving consistent depth during subcutaneous injections, particularly for diabetic patients on insulin.

Intramuscular injections can occur when a patient applies too much force to many of the existing injection devices. The new BD Nano compensates for this by spreading the load across the injection site and preventing the needle from going to far under the surface of the skin. In a study, this design helped to achieve more reliable injections which led to an 8-fold decrease in “calculated intramuscular injection risk,” according to BD.

“The launch of BD Nano 2nd gen pen needles reinforces BD’s commitment to providing the most advanced solutions possible for people with diabetes to help achieve better clinical management of insulin use,” said Stanislav Glezer, MD, MBA, global vice president of Medical Affairs for BD, a press release. “In addition to the added clinical benefits the latest BD innovation brings, the new ergonomic pen needle features can help people feel more comfortable with their injection experience.”


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