LifeFlow Next Gen for Sepsis and Shock Makes Infusions Easier and Safer

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410 Medical, a Durham, North Carolina firm, is releasing a new version of its LifeFlow rapid infuser for treating patients during sepsis or shock. The LifeFlow Next Gen can safely deliver 500 ml of crystalloid fluid in less than two minutes, nearly four times faster than when using a pressure bag. Device is operated with one hand and can be used with large-bore and high resistance access, including catheters as small as 24 gauge.

Two new features of the LifeFlow Next Gen is the Force Reducer, which evens out the pulsating flow of fluid and makes it easy on the operator’s arm to squeeze the device, and AirCheck that stops fluid flow if air gets in while making priming and setup easier. It can be made ready to go and delivering fluid into a patient within about two minutes.

“At 410 our mission is to help paramedics, nurses and physicians provide the best possible care to their critically ill patients,” said Kyle Chenet, Chief Executive Officer of 410 Medical, in a published statement. “The addition of these important new features further enhances LifeFlow as the most effective tool for delivering a rapid fluid bolus.”