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Super Sensitive Electronic Skin for Prosthetic Devices

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Artificial skin with the ability to feel is a major research goal for engineers working on improving prosthetic technology. Researchers in the past have created materials with sensors spread over a few square inches, but these have typically had a number of limitations. One thing that causes many such electronic skins to be impractical is the complex wiring that is required to

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New Device to Improve Surgical Illumination

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Researchers from Texas A&M University have developed a new wireless device that allows for direct illumination during surgeries. This is an exciting development that can improve surgical illumination, make many existing procedures easier to perform, and potentially reduce complication rates. Regardless of how skilled a physician is, there are some risks associated with surgery. One of the factors that increases

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GLOBAL biomedica Launches New Titanium Spinal Cages with inner structure – BMD Titanium implants, produced using 3D printing technology ( DLMS )

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Global Biomedica is launching the new range of titanium cages produced using 3D printing technology. These cages have been developed to provide the fastest fusion There is a wide range of products for ACIF, PLIF and TLIF fusion in many sizes. All the cages are CE marked and the company has started to expand to European markets. The latest 3D

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12 Common Hip Pain and Injuries in Athletes

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Athletic Hip Injuries Hip pain in athletes is a common cause of discomfort and can be a frustrating problem to treat. In the past, just about any hip pain symptom was attributed to a „muscle strain” type of injury. While this is a common cause of hip pain in athletes, we are learning more and more about other causes of

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Fighting Obesity: Symposium Brings Global Thought Leaders Together to Advance Bariatric Surgery and its Impact on Patient Outcomes

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By Johnson & Johnson Institute According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is one of today’s most blatantly visible – yet most neglected – public health problems. Nearly 30 percent of the world’s population – 2.1 billion people – is overweight or obese. With data increasingly demonstrating that bariatric surgery is an effective way to treat severe obesity and

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EU cross-border healthcare: better management needed to deliver on high ambitions

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EU patients still face challenges in benefiting from the actions envisaged by the EU directive on cross-border healthcare, according to a new report by the European Court of Auditors. Only a minority of potential patients are aware of their rights to seek medical care abroad. At the same time, the auditors also found problems and delays in exchanging patient health

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Surgeons use virtual reality to fly through patients’ brains at Hoag Hospital

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Whether navigating a star ship through a meteor storm or lurking through the murky underbelly of a city at midnight, gamers have long used virtual reality technology to make their experiences seem … well, virtually real. Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach recently hosted a tour of its operating rooms that are using the same technology to let doctors virtually experience

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