New Device to Improve Surgical Illumination

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Researchers from Texas A&M University have developed a new wireless device that allows for direct illumination during surgeries. This is an exciting development that can improve surgical illumination, make many existing procedures easier to perform, and potentially reduce complication rates.

Regardless of how skilled a physician is, there are some risks associated with surgery. One of the factors that increases risk is if the surgical area is poorly illuminated. This can be due to obstructions from the surrounding anatomy, or poor overhead lighting. A new system combines the surgical patty, an absorbent pad used by surgeons, with a wireless illumination system.

The device is composed of multiple absorbent layers, along with the central layer that contains an LED light encapsulated in biocompatible materials. The inventor, Sung Il Park, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M, explains that in future versions of the device, it will be possible to use multiple light sources with unique LED patterns in order to provide the best illumination for various surgical situations.

“We filed an international patent in 2017,” Park said. “Kogent Inc., one of the biggest surgical tool companies, agreed on the license and is looking into a path to commercialization. Hopefully, we can see the light apparatus being used for surgeries by next year.”