AESCULAP AEOS Robotic Digital Microscope

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The Aesculap Aeos Robotic Digital Microscope combines the ergonomic and educational benefits typically found in “exoscopes” with the high-quality imaging and fluorescence capabilities of traditional optical microscopes along with proprietary digital and robotic functionalities. 


  • Heads-up positioning frees the surgeon from the microscope ocular tether allowing the surgeon, not the microscope, to dictate ergonomics
  • Agile repositioning via low profile; look over design paired with robotic arm
  • Option for hands-free, full functionality with wireless foot switch
  • Handgrip and wireless foot switch controls are custom tailored for each user

Surgeon-Controlled Precision Robotics

  • Fully robotic arm features six degrees of freedom and provides a range of repositioning options:
    – Assisted drive
    – Micro movements
    – Waypoints
    – Lock-on target
    – Hands-free via wireless foot switch
  • Potential for future integration with adjacent technologies

Immersive 3D Imaging

  • Immersive 3D 4K imaging paired with High Dynamic Range (HDR) means everyone in the room has a great view
  • Full-time 3D allows surgeons to focus on the task at hand without worrying about 2D-to-3D magnification requirements
  • Industry-leading 10x optical zoom delivers full resolution, regardless of magnification level
  • Low heat co-axial LED illumination efficiently lights the entire surgical field, including deep and narrow cavities

Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

  • 3D digital fluorescence in DUV400 ultraviolet and DIR800 infrared light modes
  • Backlight illumination aids visualization of nearby non-fluorescing structures without switching back to white light
  • Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities in DUV400 ultraviolet light mode provide additional insights from combined fluorescence and white light images

Digital Platform

  • Digitally augment on-screen images with multiple imaging modes
  • Future-proof your investment with software updates and an upgradeable digital platform
  • Unlimited profiles allow customized user settings for each surgeon and/or procedure
  • Plug-and-play integration with neuroendoscopes and other imaging technologies