Stryker Q Guidance System

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Stryker Q Guidance System

Stryker Announces First Cases Completed Using Q Guidance System with Cranial Guidance Software

Q giudance

Stryker is making progress in the implementation of its Q Guidance System with Cranial Guidance Software, as Early Product Surveillance (EPS) cases are currently underway. This cutting-edge technology is specifically designed to support cranial surgeries by offering image-based planning and an intraoperative guidance system for surgeons.

Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Melvin Field, the medical director for the Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery program at AdventHealth and a member of Orlando Neurosurgery, expressed his optimism about Stryker’s Q Guidance System with Cranial Guidance Software. He believes that this system could become the new gold standard for image-guided neurosurgical navigation. Cranial procedures are highly delicate and can have profound impacts on a patient’s physical health, appearance, and even personality. Dr. Field emphasized that the advanced planning and guidance capabilities of this system instill him with greater confidence to perform complex surgeries.

Prior to its full commercial launch, Stryker’s Q Guidance System with Cranial Guidance Software will be deployed and evaluated at five additional EPS sites. These sites include the University of New Mexico, the University of Arkansas, the University of Michigan, Thomas Jefferson University, and Lenox Hill Hospital.

The Cranial Guidance Software, an integral part of the system, offers a comprehensive solution for tracking brain biopsy and shunt placement instruments. It incorporates automatic, algorithmic processing and extensive segmentation capabilities. The software also includes gesture recognition-enabled tools for identifying, marking, and localizing targets and anatomical structures of interest. With these features, surgeons can streamline their procedures and enhance their precision during cranial surgeries.