The Citrelock ACL Tendon Fixation Device by Acuitive Technologies

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Tendon Fixation Device

Acuitive Technologies Inc. announced the first surgical use of its Citrelock ACL tendon fixation device. The new product provides surgeons with a differentiated design using a spiral wire suitable for tendons, incorporating a next-generation absorbable technology called Citregen, which has unique molecular and mechanical properties for orthopedic surgical applications.

Dr. Robin Gehrmann, President of the New Jersey Orthopaedic Society and Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedics at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, successfully implanted the first Citrelock ACL tendon fixation device on June 29. The device introduces design features to facilitate insertion and ensure fixation without damaging the tendon during placement,” Gehrmann stated. “It has been exciting to be involved in the development of a completely new biomaterial for use in orthopedic applications. I believe this unique material technology will enhance tendon fixation as it participates in the natural healing process, avoiding the chronic inflammation observed with other biodegradable devices.

The Citrelock ACL tendon fixation device offers surgeons:

  • Biomimetic material composition to match native inorganic bone content
  • Soft spiral design to avoid tendon laceration
  • Compression resistance similar to cortical bone and a modulus similar to trabecular bone
  • Elastomeric properties for improved pull-out strength
  • Controlled resorption rate to mitigate chronic inflammation

“Our customers are looking for a more predictable and effective bioabsorbable material than what is currently on the market,” said Rui Ferreira, Vice President of Product Development at Acuitive Technologies. “The Citrelock ACL tendon fixation device helps meet this clinical need with its innovative material technology and unique design. The Citrelock ACL system is an exciting addition to Acuitive’s portfolio and is the first of a series of new products we will be launching, with a particular focus on the sports medicine market.”

Acuitive Technologies develops biomaterials and orthopedic devices that engage the natural healing process of musculoskeletal tissues, addressing the shortcomings of current biomaterials. Together with their surgeon customers, Acuitive is motivated to improve health outcomes for patients.