MiniLap Percutaneous Surgical System

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MiniLap Percutaneous Surgical System

The Teleflex MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System is specially designed to minimize trauma to your patients while retaining all the essential functionalities required for less complex laparoscopic procedures.

This system, known as MiniLap®, represents a significant step forward in the realm of minimally invasive surgery, including percutaneous laparoscopy. By utilizing a slender 2.4 mm shaft, the MiniLap® system directly pierces the skin using an integrated needle tip, eliminating the need for the traditional trocar. The result? Smaller incisions, leading to reduced scarring and less trauma for patients.

The MiniLap® system has been designed by a surgeon, incorporating a patented distribution design that allows the jaws to open up to 12.5 mm, making it ideal for numerous common laparoscopic procedures.

This innovative system is available in two easy-to-use disposable designs:

The MiniLap® system with the MiniGrip® handle, which includes four types of forceps, facilitates surgeons in grasping and manipulating tissues with precision.

The MiniLap® system with ThumbGrip provides a set of four forceps and four monopolar electrosurgical instruments, offering all the essential functions for traction, counter-traction, cutting, and cauterization during procedures.

The MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System is designed to minimize the surgical footprint. This means it provides the same functionalities as traditional laparoscopic devices but without the use of the trocar, resulting in less trauma for patients.

Moreover, the MiniLap® system allows for reduced-port laparoscopic surgeries, further reducing the surgical footprint. The percutaneous insertion enables surgeons to move freely without constraints, contributing to smoother procedures.

In conclusion, the Teleflex MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System offers a low-profile and less traumatic option while retaining all the essential functionalities to facilitate access and make bariatric and laparoscopic procedures less complex for surgeons and less traumatic for patients.

The MiniLap® System with MiniGrip® Handle functions similarly to traditional laparoscopic instruments.

minilap product

  1. Arming lever
  2. Ratchet switch
    • Available in ratcheting or non-ratcheting models
  3. Arming indicator
  4. 2.4 mm shaft
    • Allows for insertion directly through the skin, leaving a minimal scar
    • Proprietary steel shaft provides the strength and rigidity needed for secure tissue retraction
    • 30 cm length
    • MiniLap® System with ThumbGrip has a 2.4 mm shaft
  5. Grasper jaws
    • Open up to 12.5 mm aperture to easily grasp difficult structures, like distended gall bladders