Biodegradable Implant Stimulates Injured Nerves to Speed Up Healing

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Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine and Northwestern University created an implant to deliver electric impulses to damaged nerves, helping to heal them, and that eventually biodegrades and leaves the body. It’s about the size of a U.S. quarter coin and operates for about two weeks before losing power and breaking up into microscopic bits. The technology works because

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Novartis receives European Commission approval of its CAR-T cell therapy, Kymriah® (tisagenlecleucel)

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The EC approval is based on the first global CAR-T registration trials, which included patients from eight European countries and demonstrated durable responses and a consistent safety profile in r/r pediatric B-cell ALL and r/rDLBCL Novartis is the only company with an approved CAR-T cell therapy for pediatric r/r B-cell ALL and the first to receive approval in two distinct indications, both in

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From product to customer experience: The new way to launch in pharma

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In increasingly crowded drug markets, a strong clinical profile is no longer enough to ensure a distinctive launch. To be successful, pharma companies need to launch not only products but also experiences. Traditionally, pharma launches have been all about the new drug or medical device in question: its clinical efficacy, its safety, its superiority to alternatives, and its ease of use.

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Joint Replacement: 5 Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

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Recover faster at home with a new knee or hip Total hip and knee replacements have come a long way. Afterwards, people no longer lay in a hospital bed for three weeks; instead they generally begin walking at home within a day of the procedure. Of course, recovery still takes time. But it may surprise you to see how quickly

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More hospitals would buy direct from

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75% of hospital executives believe Amazon would be “highly successful” in selling to hospitals. Rather than fear Amazon, at least some hospitals and health systems apparently would welcome the world’s biggest online retailer getting deeper into healthcare. At least for using Amazon Marketplace to buy more medical supplies. A new survey of 152 hospital CEOs, materials managers and related executives with supply

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Robot builds an Ikea chair. Everyone goes nuts.

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The two-arm robot performed the 50-step assembly in about 20 minutes, making a mockery of the average dorm-dweller Engineers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have built a two-arm robot that successfully put together a popular chair from Swedish flat-pack king IKEA. The story is being picked up pretty widely, an indication of just how universally consternating „assembly required” furniture is

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