How to Align Teams with Organizational Values

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Over my 21​ years of experience working with different organizations, I’ve seen first-hand how companies invest a lot of time, effort and resources in developing and implementing values to their align teams. The paradox is that a Gallup poll states that only 27% of employees believed in their organization’s projected values. Fewer still have any idea how to integrate these values with their job responsibilities. This non-adherence impacts the goals of the organization adversely.

 A Globoforce survey reveals that 88% of employees saw increased engagement since they knew and understood company’s corporate values. Unfortunately, in most organizations post the induction program, not many efforts are made to re-orient employees with key messages around vision, mission, values and expected positive behaviors. Imagine the benefit in performance if we could align teams with organizational values. Here are some of my thoughts on how we can make this possible:

  1. Build perspective at the Top of the Pyramid
    Leaders need to lead from the front. If it doesn’t appear that the leaders endorse or live the company values neither will their teams. Aligning teams require the top management to embody the vision of the company and not just be emboldened text on the website. When leaders think about how they can participate and nudge their teams towards success, it reorients their perspective about the organizational values and how to reach their goals. Think about “How can we invest in the team and prime them for success?” and not “What can we get them to do for the Company”.
  2. Identify Champions
    People don’t usually know how to integrate values into their responsibilities that then translates into behavior. One of the best ways to show people how, is to identify employees who exemplify organizational values and try to integrate it in their team responsibilities. Recognizing these champions will inspire others to follow their lead. This will help in shifting team values from an internal assumption to an explicit behavioral expectation.
  3. Integrate Tools to stay aligned, observe and succeed
    It is harsh reality that majority of our employees are disengaged at work. It is important to integrate tools and opportunities with team-centric programs that can keep the organization on track. This can serve a reference point and can help you in course correction and celebrate your teams’ success. Direct focus to your culture and you’ll experience a profound shift in the productivity and efficacy of teams. Positive outcomes and business profits will follow suit.

At SimuRise, we see business simulations as tools that can help align your teams and be geared for success. Here is a prime example of on how a simple yet profound business simulation, helps the participants reflect on their behaviors and sensitizes them on owning the key values that can help them succeed in line with their organization.