Monza Hospital in Bucharest invests EUR 3 M in cutting-edge da Vinci Xi robot

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Monza cardiac surgery hospital in Bucharest, part of Italy’s „Policlinico di Monza” group, has invested EUR 3 million in the most performing video-assisted robotic surgery system, da Vinci Xi robot.

The investment comes one year after Monza Hospital has become the first hospital to integrate the robotic surgery in the private medical system. In 2017, the hospital bought another da Vinci surgical robot, that enabled 5 surgeries per month on average.

da Vinci Xi robot is the most modern and performing minimally invasive surgical device, which facilitates surgical maneuvers by using 3D and HD visions and by providing enhanced visibility by ten times and millimeter accuracy.

For patients, the surgeries performed by da Vinci Xi robot will mean less bleeding during the surgery, a shorter recovery time, a low risk of complications, decreased post-op pain.

Monza Hospital in Bucharest invests EUR 3 M in cutting-edge da Vinci Xi robot

Luca Militello

The robotic surgery can be applied in such specialties as urology, gynecology and bariatrics and in such affections as endometriosis, kidney cancer, prostate cancer or bladder cancer.

Robotic surgery has become an alternative for the traditional laparoscopic surgery (…) The da Vinci Xi robot is the more performing and more useful the more it is in the hands of the right people, who have a great expertise and a solid international training. We are happy to have them and to be able to say that, at Monza, the robots have the soul of the best surgeons and that we have taken one more step ahead within the cutting edge surgery,” said Luca Militello, CEO Grup Monza Romania.