Versius Robotic Surgical System Unveiled by UK Company

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CMR Surgical, a Cambridge, UK firm, is formally unveiling its Versius surgical robotic system that is designed to be portable, easy to setup, and, perhaps most importantly, affordable for hospitals that otherwise would have budget limitations obtaining existing robotic systems.

The Versius is modular in its design, with the moving arms individually mounted on their own carts. This allows the system to be wheeled between different ORs or even transported to another nearby hospital, if such a necessity is to arise.

The robotic arms copy some of their mechanics from human arms, giving surgeons an intuitive sense when operating them and allowing the access ports to be placed wherever needed.

3D visualization is provided from within the body thanks to a 3D camera and the matching screens and glasses. The surgeon can sit or stand, depending on the surgery and the surgeon’s preference, something CMR Surgical believes can actually extend the working career of many aging surgeons.

“We believe Versius represents a paradigm shift in surgery,” said Martin Frost, CEO of CMR Surgical, in a statement. “The ground-breaking design, coupled with genuine affordability, means that patients everywhere have the potential to benefit from the advantages of minimal access surgery. Versius is a great example of British innovation and its launch represents a pivotal moment in the next chapter of surgery and patient care.”

Here’s a video from CMR Surgical presenting the Versius: