Materialise And Carestream To Deploy Zero Footprint Surgical Planning Solution

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Materialise, in collaboration with Carestream Health, is developing a work-in-progress zero footprint deployment of their pre-operative planning solution for orthopaedists, leveraging Materialise’s OrthoView software. Thanks to enterprise-wide licensing and an enterprise imaging-integrated zero footprint deployment, Materialise and Carestream will be able to give surgeons the freedom to plan procedures in a standard browser, eliminating the requirement for additional software.

Previous versions of this solution required planning to take place on dedicated workstations, limiting physicians to fixed locations and devices in a hospital. The new solution, with availability planned in 2019, will improve access to the planning software. Clinicians will have access to the full range of pre-operative planning tools from any device within a hospital system in a safe and secure way, as no patient data is stored on devices.

“Carestream and Materialise share the strong desire to reflect our customers’ needs in the products and services we offer,” says Anna Marchenko, product manager for OrthoView at Materialise. “We see significant value in collaborating in this initiative to offer an innovative hospital-wide deployment option to our mutual customers.”

New and emerging technologies are revolutionizing the way surgeons plan their procedures and this solution improves access to the vital tools surgeons need to prepare for surgery. Pre-operative planning in orthopaedics is crucial for ensuring better patient outcomes, avoiding unexpected complications in surgery and for efficiency in the operating room.

“We’ve worked closely with Materialise and specifically Materialise OrthoView for many years, and appreciate their dedication to finding new ways of providing customer-focused solutions,” says Thierry Verstraete, global product manager for clinical solutions and analytics, Carestream.

Partnerships and collaborations are at the heart of Materialise’s philosophy of Co-Creation. The new collaborative solution with Carestream, a long-standing partner of Materialise, gives surgeons greater flexibility to deliver personalized patient care.

The ongoing relationship between Materialise and Carestream aims to address the current and future needs of customers in relation to 2D and 3D pre-operative planning, 3D printing, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to help provide customers with the best patient and surgeon-specific predictive surgical planning options.