Surglasses Caduceus S AR spine navigation system

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Surglasses Caduceus S
AR spine navigation system

Surglasses has announced that its Caduceus S augmented reality (AR) spine navigation system has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA

According to the company, Caduceus S is an AR spine navigation system that requires only few-shots of C-arm images to equip surgeons with AR and pre-surgical planning with trajectories for spine surgery. The system is designed to allow surgeons to superimpose the 3D spinal anatomy on to a patient during surgical procedures. It is equipped with multiple trackers and displays preoperative planned trajectories via a 3D AR head mounted display.

Min-Liang Wang, CEO and founder of Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co (Surglasses), stated: “Caduceus S is the cutting-edge technology that will enhance the spine surgical procedures accuracy and solve the complexities of the spine surgeries surgeons face during the surgery. Taking into consideration the small/midsize hospitals and clinics which have limited resources, Caduceus S spine navigation system proves to be a vital resource for the surgeons for spine surgery.

“Augmented reality technology in spine surgery is going to be a turning point as it significantly effects the accuracy and efficiency of complex surgical procedures and placing implants. Caduceus S will be a game-changing equipment without changing the workflow of the surgical theatres.”