LUNA the new generation robotic platform presented by Asensus Surgical

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LUNA next-gen surgical robotic platform

Asensus Surgical announced that it introduced a next-generation surgical robot platform called “Luna.”


Asensus designed Luna based on feedback from over 10,000 digital laparoscopic procedures performed with Senhance.

The next-generation digital surgery platform features advanced minimally invasive instrumentation. It also offers what Asensus said marks the first-ever digital interface between the surgeon and console. Finally, the platform includes industry-leading clinical intelligence tools.

Combined, Asensus believes these features make Luna “poised to revolutionize” surgery.

“The best solution will materially reduce surgical variability and deliver improved outcomes,” Fernando said. “We are working to deliver that solution, a new era of surgery called performance-guided surgery, the foundation of which will be our new Luna Surgical System and the clinical intelligence capabilities provided to surgeons through the ongoing development of the ISU.”

Luna remains under development. Asensus does not yet offer the platform for commercial use.

Developments for the ISU

Asensus also announced incremental feature sets under development for its ISU.

The ISU, a real-time intraoperative surgical image analytics platform, leverages augmented intelligence to reduce surgical variability. It allows the surgeon to measure anatomy, place digital tags, enhance surgical images and utilize AI-driven control of the camera.

Asensus intends to add an analytical feature set to the ISU. This set includes pre-operative surgical planning that allows surgeons to map out and plan for specific surgical actions intraoperatively.

The company also plans to add a safety feature set that includes a “no-fly zone” functionality. This enables the identification and marking of potential hazards during the operation. Asensus said it restricts instruments from entering into defined anatomical structures.

Finally, the company is developing a training and education set. This includes telestration, allowing multiple team members to work together in real-time. It allows for annotating, highlighting and drawing on a shared visual display of the surgical field.