Stryker Launches CD NXT for Surgeons

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Stryke CD NXT System,

The latest innovation in the company’s power tools.

Stryker has announced the launch of its CD NXT System, the latest innovation in the company’s power tools. This patented technology provides real-time depth measurement as the surgeon drills, allowing for fast, accurate, consistent digital depth measurement across various procedures.

CD NXT streamlines instrumentation and surgical steps, offering an accurate and reproducible measurement while removing errors commonly associated with a manual depth gauge. The system works independently of the implant system, allowing broad use across the market.

“We continuously listen to the needs and pain points of our customers. We discovered the need for a more accurate and dependable depth measurement tool through research. CD NXT fills that gap through a revolutionary technology allowing the power tool to communicate information back to the surgeon, enabling real-time decision-making,” said Bill Scott, vice president and general manager of Stryker’s Orthopaedic Instruments business.

CD NXT features include:

  • Automatic cortex-to-cortex measurement and digital readout
  • One-step drilling and measurement
  • Compatibility with all legacy cordless driver attachments 

Source: Stryker