Colored Sutures Revolutionize Orthopedic Procedures.

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Spectra MG BIO

Colored sutures are increasingly important in orthopedic procedures due to their ability to differentiate between different surgical implants, providing surgeons with greater control and confidence. This leads to smaller, more precise incisions, resulting in reduced pain, fewer complications, less scarring, shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Sutures, both colored and non-colored, can be made of nylon or polyester, both of which are durable, lightweight, and non-absorbable materials. However, these materials also have their drawbacks.

Nylon sutures are commonly available in monofilament structures designed for ligation or general cardiovascular, neurological, or ophthalmic soft tissue procedures, as well as braided structures for soft tissue procedures. The issue with monofilament nylon is that it degrades by 15-20% per year through hydrolysis, while braided nylon loses 15-20% of its tensile strength annually.

On the other hand, polyester sutures, which are braided strands coated with polybutilate, offer poor handling and knot security if special knots are not used.

So, is there a better alternative?

Spectra® MG BIO is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber that is arguably superior to both polyester and nylon for many orthopedic soft tissue procedures.

Spectra® MG BIO is fifteen times stronger than steel and three times stronger than polyester, while still being extremely lightweight. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it an excellent material for orthopedic applications, enabling the creation of smaller diameter suture designs that reduce the overall footprint of medical devices used in surgical procedures. Additionally, Spectra® MG BIO provides superior resistance to chemicals, fatigue, and abrasion compared to conventional polyethylene, nylon, polyester, or steel cables. It is also available in a unique blue color that offers a distinct contrast with surrounding tissues. Spectra® MG BIO Blue is a colored 100% UHMWPE fiber that can be braided into a high-strength suture. It can be used alone or in combination with Spectra® MG BIO (white) without the need for nylon or polyester in the braid, allowing surgeons to manage multiple sutures using various patterns and combinations. For surgeons, the use of 100% UHMWPE suture translates to exceptional knot security, precise knot placement, a smooth tie-down, and higher resistance to fraying.

In 2021, Spectra MG BIO received the ISO 13485 certification, demonstrating that Spectra Medical Fiber products meet the highest quality management standards in the medical device manufacturing industry.

With its vibrant color and the exceptional performance characteristics of UHMWPE, Spectra® MG BIO presents a compelling option for complex orthopedic surgeries as the market for soft tissue repair continues to grow.