Curvafix IM Implant

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The CurvaFix IM Implant stands out as the sole available implant meticulously engineered to conform to the inherent curvature of the pelvis, thereby facilitating robust fracture fixation in weakened bones.

With the increase in life expectancy, there has also been a rise in age-related conditions such as osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and exposes individuals to a higher risk of fractures. A fragility hip fracture (FHF) is often a symptom of osteoporosis. These fractures occur in the pelvic ring and/or the acetabulum (the hip socket) and result from an event that would otherwise be insufficient to fracture a normal bone.

Common Risk Factors

The common risk factors for FHF are similar to osteoporosis: women aged 65 or older and men aged 75 or older are particularly vulnerable. In women under 65 and men under 75, risk factors that increase the likelihood of fragility fractures include a previous pelvic fracture, long-term use of glucocorticoids, a history of frequent falls, a family history of FHF or osteoporosis, low body weight, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Current Treatment Options

Currently, most FHF patients receive non-surgical (conservative) care, including bed rest, pain relievers, and mobility assistance. Unfortunately, this treatment approach often leads to worsening symptoms, long hospital stays, loss of independent mobility, admission to care facilities, and a high mortality rate. Many patients who could benefit from surgery do not have access to this option.

CurvaFix IM: A Revolutionary Advancement

Now, the good news: the treatment of fragility hip fractures is making significant strides with the introduction of the CurvaFix IM implant. This innovative device represents a leap forward in FHF management, offering targeted surgical treatment that can significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

CurvaFix IM is designed to effectively stabilize and repair fragility hip fractures. This minimally invasive device enables quicker recovery and reduced post-operative pain compared to traditional conservative therapies.

What makes CurvaFix IM unique is its ability to follow the natural curvature of the hip, providing a solid fixation of fractures in weakened bones. Through a minimally invasive surgical procedure, this implant promises shorter surgical times, smaller incisions, and less post-operative discomfort compared to traditional invasive procedures.


In conclusion, fragility hip fractures pose a significant challenge to the health of the elderly and those with risk factors. However, thanks to ongoing innovation and the introduction of devices like CurvaFix IM, there is hope for more effective management of this debilitating condition. Innovation continues to drive progress in FHF care, bringing tangible improvements in patients’ lives and opening up new possibilities for the treatment of fragility hip fractures.