Accelus unveils LineSider® Modular-Cortical System

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Accelus, a privately owned medical technology company dedicated to becoming the global leader in expandable spinal implant technologies, has announced the launch of its LineSider® Modular-Cortical System. Engineered to offer improved procedural visibility, versatility, and efficiency, this system features a modular screw design that allows surgeons to place screw shanks early in the procedure, followed by modular tulips and rods later on.

The expansion of Accelus’s LineSider Spinal System product line aims to cater to the needs of surgeons utilizing a modular pedicle screw system, whether through a standard open approach or a medial-to-lateral cortical approach. The slim-profile, low-height modular tulip heads facilitate a mid-line approach, while the system’s modularity offers surgeons flexibility in their surgical approach and the ability to customize constructs to suit individual patient anatomy and pathology requirements.

Dr. Jay K. Shah, attending orthopedic spine surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Clinical Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, praised the system’s innovative and user-friendly design, noting the ease of incorporating it into his workflow and the quality of both screw shanks and modular tulips.

The LineSider Modular-Cortical System is available in open modular and cortical modular sets, both of which are compatible with existing LineSider instrumentation. The open modular set features dual-lead screw shanks, expanding the implant offerings of the legacy LineSider open sets, while the cortical modular set is designed to facilitate an improved midline approach with dual-to-quad lead shanks for enhanced purchase in cortical bone. Both sets offer shanks in cannulated and solid options. Additionally, the cortical modular set includes a new midline lumbar retractor with retractor blades in 23mm and 46mm widths, further enhancing the system’s efficacy.

Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Ryan Martyn of Spine Colorado recommended the use of the LineSider Modular-Cortical System alongside the FlareHawk expandable interbody fusion device, citing the system’s tight machining tolerances, which eliminate toggling between the shank and the driver during screw insertion, and the modularity that facilitates easier facetectomies.

Beyond in situ assembly, the LineSider Modular-Cortical System can also be utilized in a pre-assembled fashion, providing surgeons with the flexibility of a non-modular screw system when necessary. This system builds on Accelus’s legacy of developing adaptable, surgeon-centric solutions. To date, over 10,000 LineSider screws have been implanted in the United States, and over 20,000 FlareHawk interbody fusion devices have been implanted across 23 countries worldwide.

Accelus President and CEO Kevin McGann highlighted the LineSider Modular-Cortical System as a testament to the company’s commitment to enhancing the surgical experience and improving patient outcomes. McGann emphasized that the system not only enhances surgical visibility and flexibility but also reduces the number of LineSider trays required, optimizing OR setup and procedural workflow.