Johnson & Johnson MedTech and NVIDIA collaborate to transform surgery through Artificial Intelligence

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Johnson & Johnson MedTech announced today its collaboration with NVIDIA to enhance and proliferate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in surgery. This partnership aims to facilitate greater access to real-time analysis and global availability of AI algorithms to improve clinical decision-making, training, and collaboration within connected operating rooms.

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence into Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s extensive portfolio of surgical technologies, leveraging NVIDIA’s AI platform dedicated to the healthcare sector. These technologies are designed to enable rapid, secure, and real-time implementation of artificial intelligence across Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s digital surgery ecosystem.

“Johnson & Johnson MedTech is leading healthcare towards a more personalized and interconnected future,” said Tim Schmid, Executive Vice President and Global President of MedTech. “This future will increasingly rely on digital technologies that enhance efficiency, support decision-making, and expand opportunities for surgical training and education. Our deep expertise in the healthcare sector, combined with NVIDIA’s AI platform in digital surgery, promises to transform the surgical experience into a more interconnected reality.”

A key element in accelerating the integration of artificial intelligence in surgery is advanced edge computing, which enables localized data processing directly in the operating room. This step is crucial for AI algorithms to analyze surgical data in real-time and securely store it. This approach can also help reduce the need to transfer sensitive data and allows the execution of specific applications in a secure computing environment, ensuring extremely low latency within the operating room, where every moment counts.

NVIDIA IGX and NVIDIA Holoscan edge computing platforms provide a robust infrastructure for deploying AI-based software applications directly into the operating room.

Additionally, Johnson & Johnson MedTech will leverage artificial intelligence technologies to expand its open ecosystem for surgery. NVIDIA’s specific solutions are designed to accelerate innovation throughout the ecosystem, facilitating the development and secure, scalable implementation of AI-based applications.

“One of the primary challenges in scaling artificial intelligence for surgery is the closed design of surgical technologies,” said Shan Jegatheeswaran, Vice President and Global Head of Digital at MedTech. “Bringing advanced edge computing technologies into the operating room paves the way for scalable innovation and new AI-based solutions to improve clinical decision-making, education, training, and collaboration, ultimately aiming to enhance patient care.”