Safety syringe with passive needle retraction mechanism

The user manual of the SafeR® safety syringe, which is easy to use, explains that it operates just like a regular syringe but with a one-click concentric needle retraction mechanism. The needle is automatically retracted into the cylinder after the injection.

The SafeR® safety syringe is available in various material variants such as COC, COP, and PP, and incorporates a range of innovative mechanisms:

  • Automatic deactivation (AD)
  • Reuse prevention (RUP)
  • Needlestick protection (SIP)
Unique safety features:
  • Clear scale for accurate dosage
  • Triple-beveled coated needles provide patient comfort
  • Needle retracts before being removed from the patient’s body
  • Complete needle retraction into the syringe cylinder prevents accidental needlestick injuries
CE-marked safety syringe

SafeR® automatic needle retraction compatible with SafeR® Sting needles

We offer a wide range of SafeR® needle retraction safety syringes (in ML) and SafeR® Sting needles (various sizes and lengths).

Additionally, we provide the SafeR® Blunt-fill needle, ideal for medication preparation and vial filling.

Avalable in different formats:

SafeR® Syringe: 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml.

SafeR® Needle: 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 25G, 26G, 27G.

SafeR® Blunt Fill Needle: 18G

Watch how to use
Instructions for use:
  • Draw the medication into the syringe using standard procedures.


  •  Prepare and inject using aseptic technique (in line with institutional policy).


  • Once the needle is in the patient’s body, push the plunger all the way in, and the needle will retract automatically.


  • Dispose of the syringe in a designated sharps container.